Do you need help with diversifying or adding new income streams like accommodation, recreation, fisheries or industrial units? Maybe you're considering letting your land for agriculture or husbandry or wondering if there are profitable uses for redundant farm buildings.
At Sexty & Co we can investigate to see if you qualify for Single Farm Payment even if you’re not a farmer but own agricultural land. Alongside this you may also be considering share farming arrangements, sub-contracting operations or labour, exploring mixed farming opportunities or profit-sharing arrangements with contractors.
Alternatively, at Sexty & Co we can help you use your family within your business, expand the business to provide for your future or plan to pass on farm assets. We can advise you on VAT issues associated with farm diversification; Capital Gains Tax on land, property and farm assets; trusts; and inheritance-tax planning.
We can also assist you with practical help in regard to cash-flow management, stock-keeping systems, raising capital for diversification, preparing budgets or business plans, dealing with banks and other financial institutions or picking the right bookkeeping software.
We have a well established team of experts with many years experience in agriculture and farming. Contact us now to find out more.

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